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A transitional space between the workspace and the reception, City Hall is a fictitious extension of the latter and divides the office floor into equal halves. Located in the middle of the office, it serves as a relaxation area where employees can interact and relax during a hectic workday. The back wall displays trophies, books and a coffee machine that gives it a casual atmosphere. To continue the artistic and craft expressions, Kashmiri hand paintings were used to decorate the light fixtures in the hallway that connects the meeting rooms to the reception. Each copper lamp has been added to the terracotta-clad perforated walls of the hallway – nestled in lights, the wall creates a smooth transition between work areas and ancillary functions. Trilegal`s office is a nod to how artisanal expressions can be incorporated into the design language to create a unique yet compelling brand identity. Trilegal`s office in Saket reinvents the industrial ethics of corporate offices, creating harmony between art and workspace. The elegance of Trilegal`s office, located in a corporate tower, is justified by a fusion of design elements that highlight its presence among the abundance of corporate masses. Indigenous artwork, integrated into an industrial furnishing style with a linearity that defines formal language, show the personality of this office. The modern workplace is constantly evolving. Today`s workplaces are supposed to enable the company, through their planning and design language, to convey a sense of belonging and well-being, foster innovation and enable the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. Trilegal`s corporate offices are designed to generate these ideas through strategic planning, a timeless palette of materials and the layering of contemporary expressions of traditional artisanal forms.

A hallway opens onto the perimeter space behind the stairwell, which houses a library, apartments, library, cafeteria, telephone booths and smaller seating. Smaller craft expressions dot this space; For example, ikat handloom crafts and shibori fabric art decorate the walls of phone booths. These pods were hand-painted with Hindi alphabets to distinguish them from other pods. In line with Trilegal`s vision, Indian arts and crafts traditions have been expressed in the language of interior design of spaces. This was done in collaboration with Jaya Jaitley, president and founder of Dastkari Haat Samiti, who brought together different trades from across the country to create different spatial identities for each of the interiors. We use state-of-the-art technology with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to measure and sketch interior plans in 2D and 3D. Accurate work specifications, including dimensions, sketches, photographs, annotations and notes, are essential for writing estimates, coordinating with our team and managing disputes with clients. But collecting and organizing all this data takes up a lot of our time and gives us a big headache. Access all projects via magicplan Cloud, create high-quality PDF reports, or create a shareable project page for your partners and customers. We have developed a method to combine introduction and estimation to automatically calculate prices on your mobile device. Não consigo fazer cadastro, aparece: E-mail or senha inválido With magicplan, your company works more efficiently on site and has immediate access to all important data. With an easy-to-use mobile solution for sketching, reporting, and estimating, your employees can work anywhere.

We have developed a magic plan to make your life easier and put money in your pocket. No matter how good you are, customer disputes and insurance claims happen. Once you`ve saved and organized all the details of the project in one place, you can start a discussion with confidence and compelling arguments. Trilegal`s new 21,350-square-foot office space is located on the first floor of a commercial tower in the Gurugram Business Center. The office is a nod to their distinctive brand identity – which is based on their national presence and embodies their vision for the future, while being rooted in traditional Indian values. The office`s interiors are designed to exude vibrant art as well as a sophisticated work ethic. To achieve this phenomenon, a balance between custom art and industrial interiors is articulated. The longitudinal division of the office into two halves is structured by the corridor, which is equipped with vertical slats not only to ensure the privacy of the workplace, but also to ensure a well-managed circulation. The linear design language of the wooden slats on the ceiling creates a refined entrance, while the ochre of world art and the stone furniture customized by the designers enhance the sense of space. The suspended ceilings are enhanced by the bespoke contemporary pendant lamps, which not only enhance elegance, but also reflect Trilegal`s personality. The art created by the architect himself communicates the interiors through colors and patterns, while enhancing the atmosphere of the microenvironment.

The color palette of white and gray creates a calm and welcoming visual landscape; However, to break the monotony, the liveliness of the art is added. The white of the meeting rooms contrasts well with the cool, warm colors of the wood-patterned veneers that form a picturesque backdrop for the paintings. Compro os certificados e não mostram em nenhum lugar onde estão salvos. O pagamento direciona para outra página for a do app! Precisa melhorar!!! Só vou achar bom se for sorteado nesse final de semana rsrsrs Adding notes and photos during the project increases transparency and ensures that everything is on track. Centralized access to project data allows your team, partners, and customers to see the status quo at the top of the situation. We offer a simple solution to create and share sketches, testimonials and quotes. MagicPlan helps you connect your team and understand what`s happening in the field without having to go there. Instantly create and share floor plans, testimonials, and estimates with an easy-to-use app. Watch the video. Collect all relevant project data during your first customer visit – receive confirmation of your offer the same day. Kyoorius Design Awards 2021Interior Design – Winning Blue Elephant Baby Redesign of a law firm`s brand identity by expressing Indian artisanal forms The perimeter seats near the glass wall feature wooden slats with abstract hexagonal shapes to complement the strong geometry of the space. It is interspersed with green planters that lighten the burden of digital screens and serve multiple purposes, such as a break room, a private workspace or an informal chat room.

Your team knows exactly what to do, and you have proof of what the site looked like when you got there. As entrepreneurs, we are constantly juggling multiple projects and tasks – always on the go. In a competitive marketplace, customers need to do things faster and more accurately. It is important that we do our work on-site and that we have an easy way to communicate with the office. Structured data is the foundation of an efficient workflow – that`s what makes magicplan unique. All data collected by your team is automatically structured and provides a complete contextual understanding. Add photos, 360° images, notes, custom forms, and annotations to create structured reports that eliminate confusion. The material palette of the reception area is rich in contrast and is therefore distinguished by its design. The wooden floor articulates a dramatic canvas for stone and gray furniture. The material composition of the workstations further reinforces the feeling of calm and transparency. Flooring ranges from tile to carpet depending on the functionality and hierarchy of the room. With an elaborate and planned organic design strategy, this office provides a peaceful working environment in this corporate environment.

The rich details, built-in secrets and humor of Central India`s Gond tribal art were skillfully captured by the artisans on the wall of the meeting room. True to their centuries-old narrative traditions, elements of nature that incorporate recurring motifs from tribal art – tigers, deer, birds, flowing rivers, flowering trees and snakes – have been translated onto a green background to evoke images of a forest. The workstations are arranged in a honeycomb-shaped zigzag configuration designed to create private two- and four-seater work capsules that face each other while allowing for team discussions and collaborations. The workspaces are dotted with modules that house a team of four and two people – designed and developed in collaboration with MKraft to allow for privacy and flexibility for team collaboration. The pods are separated by wall partitions made of blue and green sound-absorbing material and at the same time serve as flexible boards. Large composite panels are used to develop a floating ceiling system that gives the workplace a sense of space and improves acoustic performance. The panels feature prints of Kutch`s Airakh blocks and are numbered for easy orientation in the work area. The spatial zoning of the 15,000 square foot site area is based on the confidentiality of the work done by the company.