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Faegre Drinker Legal Services (formerly Drinker Biddle & Reath) employed 620 lawyers in 12 different offices. Unsurprisingly, their document management system was overwhelmed with files and folders that made it quite difficult to find anything. For IP-focused organizations, an IP management solution provides a unified process for managing, growing and protecting an IP portfolio. Companies that use IP management solutions like IPfolio streamline workflows by integrating the bulky world of IP management with their other systems. When your IP management solution is integrated with your e-invoicing system, you can avoid duplicate data entry and keep your engineering, legal, and finance teams informed. If you`re not sure which document management system to choose, we recommend reviewing options you can configure for use with your current internal tools. For example, SimpleLegal`s API makes it easy to integrate with popular solutions such as iManage. SimpleLegal`s integrated document management organizes documents and files with folder nesting features and the ability to assign labels and categories: #2. The protection of customer data is a difficult task in traditional legal practice. It is entirely possible for someone to steal customer data to gain an advantage at touchpoints such as copy shops, courthouses, etc. You can avoid such opportunities by switching to a digital document processing system.

Whenever your lawyers, legal staff, and paralegal staff are working on something related to a case, the tool`s AI programming automatically captures and categorizes time and effort. The 2020 Legal Trends Report examined data from tens of thousands of lawyers to assess the impact of technical solutions such as online payments on business performance. During the pandemic`s recommendations on social distancing, online payments have helped businesses maintain business continuity. Businesses that accepted online payments experienced greater growth in 2020 than those that did not. In particular, businesses using electronic payments grew up to 6% higher in the first few months of 2020 than businesses that did not use electronic payments, and collected 2% to 3% more in the summer. With a variety of tools from Clio, you can easily manage, grow and add value to your business. Whether it`s managing law firms, new and existing clients, onboarding clients, and document management, you get it all in secure, cloud-based software. Depending on the tool and the needs of your department, the return on investment can come in the form of reduced costs, increased productivity or less stress for your team. To help you decide which tools will have the most positive impact on your business, we`ve included real-world examples for each tool in action.

With the right tools to help your team transition into the new era of contactless communication, your success will be assured during this challenging time. Start exploring tools that would help your business move to greater efficiency through better technology. Links to legal search engines, legal journals and catalogues, and pro bono litigation. Finally, use the Profitability module to attract new customers, gather insights into billing data and tools, manage customer accounts, and integrate Smokeball with other business applications. Google Scholar. In 2004, Google decided to get into the legal research game, and the result was Google Scholar. As the name suggests, Google Scholar aims to find more scholarly resources than you get with a typical Google search, although the interface essentially works the same way, making it a very intuitive tool. On the plus side, Google Scholar is free, but that means it has its limitations.

You can`t be sure you`ll find everything you`ll find on LexisNexis or Westlaw, and you won`t have indicators of whether your sources are a good law, but this powerful tool is a good place to start your research. In addition, you can turn fixed-cost, low-margin legal projects into profitable ones by increasing your team`s ability to complete projects faster through automation. Finally, some of the most useful tools you can use on this platform are smart forms, calculation engines, transcriptions, document automation, dashboards, and more. Paperwork is an inseparable part of legal practice, but processing documents doesn`t have to be as tedious or time-consuming as it used to be. Document automation tools for lawyers streamline document creation (e.g. letters and requests) by using information already collected (such as key data or contact information) to fill out forms for you. Document management tools then help you store and access those documents securely. Checkbox is a well-known web-based tool for no-code automation of business processes via web applications. It also has the same potential to transform any law firm or business that takes on various repetitive tasks. Wrightslaw is a special education resource and information website.

The target audience is parents of children with special needs and focuses on legal information and includes resources such as a blog and newsletter. The most popular video conferencing platforms for remote legal teams are: When it comes to investing in tools for your in-house legal team, what is the return on investment? As a lawyer, you are constantly writing documents and letters, so a word processor is an extremely necessary legal tool. However, we recommend using a cloud-based word processor to clarify your documents and letters, giving you the ability to work remotely and access your legal documents. The NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund fights for racial justice through litigation, advocacy, and public education, and by maintaining the progress made over the past 70 years of civil rights struggles. They typically focus on cases involving large groups of people and legal protections for African Americans. FindLaw. Another free resource, FindLaw, is best used as a starting point for your legal research. You won`t necessarily find a plethora of full court decisions or journal articles like you will on other sites – FindLaw`s goal is to give you a general overview of a wide range of legal topics.

While it`s helpful to familiarize yourself with new areas of law, always make sure the information applies to your jurisdiction. The increasing financial and legal risks associated with poor data protection measures have led companies` legal departments to assume their responsibilities alongside IT. Electronic signatures are more convenient to coordinate (and less back and forth means less room for human error). They also make legal work faster and more efficient for lawyers and clients, saving paper (which is crucial as more and more companies switch to paper). While electronic signatures don`t work in every situation, electronic signatures are legally binding in many situations as long as they meet the right criteria. However, some states require handwritten signatures for documents such as wills. LexisNexis. LexisNexis has been one of the biggest names in the legal research game for decades and one of the most comprehensive search platforms on the market. Beyond legal research, they offer a wealth of business and other information. A subscription is required to access LexisNexis, and they offer different plans depending on what you need. In addition, the Everlaw Legal Tech solution integrates predictive coding and AI/ML. These features allow the tool to become smarter as you and your entire law firm interact with the app.